Dykehead Amateurs Flute Band  


About Us


Dykehead Amateurs Flute Band was originally formed in 1929, however, like many other organisations did not function during World War II. Post war, in 1948, several local families got together and laid the foundations for the Band as we know it today. 

During the 1950's the Band began competing in contests run by the Scottish Amateur Flute Band Association and after a few years competing appointed Bobby Abbott as Conductor. Bobby took the Band up through the grades and during the 1960's had a couple of spells in the top (First) Grade but found it difficult to compete at this level.

In 1970 Bobby approached the Band Committee about changing the flutes to the concert system, to enable them to compete on equal terms with other First Grade bands, who were already using these instruments. In 1971, with the help of a grant from the local Council, the Band purchased 16 concert flutes and the transition began. More flutes were purchased over the next 2 years and in 1973 the Band competed for the first time with the new flutes, winning second prize in Second Grade at the National Championship. Having completed the transition to the concert system, Bobby handed the baton over to his nephew, Alex Abbott, and the following year the Band won promotion to the First Grade and have remained there ever since.

Alex resigned as Conductor in 1983 and the Band appointed Hugh Haggarty as his successor. Although only 27 years old at the time, Hugh had been a member of the Band since 1966 and was a pupil of former Conductor Bobby Abbott. In 1986 Hugh led the Band to its first major title, The Scottish Open Championship, and repeated the feat in 1987. 1988 saw the dream of the 1950's finally achieved as the Band became Scottish Champions for the first time, playing Schubert's Fifth Symphony at the National Contest. The Band went on to win another National Championship in 1992 and again the Scottish Open Championship in 1999.


Hugh continued as Conductor until 2002, when the baton passed to Kenny Moffat, another long time member of the Band.  Kenny successfully guided the Band to another National Contest victory in 2012 before passing the baton to Hugh's daughter, Laura Haggarty, in 2014. Laura's strong commitment and enthusiasm for the Band holds her in good stead and we look forward to future success under her conductorship.